How to Build Marketing Dashboards That Don't Suck

A good dashboard can illuminate and transform your company’s marketing. We have more data available today than ever before, but comprehension is often at a premium. A well-built visualization can guide you through the maze of numbers, so you can arrive at smarter decisions faster.

Plus, ugly visualizations are rotting the minds, optic nerves, and moral fiber of marketers around the world.

We see a lot of dashboards. Our company, Alight Analytics, helps advertising agencies and major brands build elegant, insightful visualizations that show how their marketing is performing.

Whenever we encounter an ugly dashboard, our hearts break a little because, with just a little guidance, it could have been avoided.

That’s what this e-book is for. You’ll learn:

  • What a dashboard is and what it’s really for
  • What you should (and shouldn’t) do first
  • How to make your dashboard beautiful
  • How to help users get the most from your dashboard

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