The 5 Productivity Secrets of Successful Salespeople



You know how to dig deep and push harder each day to make that last call or log those final critical activities. But the best sales reps are always on the hunt for new ways to work, not just harder, but smarter, too.

Consider that the average salesperson only spends about one-third of their day selling. The other 66% of the time is mostly eaten up by research, admin, and reporting tasks.

Sound familiar? It’s no wonder that demand is high for new tips and better tools to supercharge productivity and give you back the time you need to focus on building valuable relationships with customers.

Tap into the below productivity secrets and you'll gain more time to build winning sales relationships:

  • Win the morning and your whole day
  • Conquer small but mighty time wasters
  • Automate tedium and unleash energy

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