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The cognitive effect on automotive Unleashing exceptional experiences from an abundance of data

Automotive (auto) companies are sitting on a treasure trove of data – data generated by their businesses, products and services, customers and other external sources. The potential uses of this data are tremendous – from greatly improving industry and company practices to personalizing consumers’ in-vehicle experiences to creating new mobility options.

But that potential often remains untapped because the tools to extract the insights residing within the data are either underutilized or unavailable. Cognitive computing can help unleash these insights – and auto executives are beginning to take heed.

To understand the potential impact of cognitive computing on the industry, we analyzed responses of 500 auto industry executives worldwide who participated in a 2016 IBM Institute for Business Value cognitive computing survey (see Methodology section at the end of this report).

We explored what auto executives say about how ready the technology,the industry and their organizations are for cognitive adoption; what their companies are currently doing with cognitive computing; and what they plan to do in the next few years. We also looked at a select group within the industry that is ahead of others in cognitive adoption to learn what they’re doing differently, and at how digital business – business conducted by digital means – and digital intelligence – insights gained using digital technology – are merging to create exceptional enterprise and mobility experiences.