Marketing Performance Optimization: Embracing Data and Analytics to Answer Marketing’s Top 5 Questions

Do you feel like marketers are facing increasing pressure and responsibility? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. In Gartner’s CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017, marketing budgets climbed to 12% of company revenue. With that rise has come greater accountability, more technology, more lines of business reporting to marketing, and more data.

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency. Some are new to marketing altogether, and others have been asked in the past but now require answers at every level of the organization – and in real-time.

1. Which campaigns are working?

2. Where should we spend our next dollar?

3. Is our marketing spend and delivery on pace?

4. Are the right audiences getting the right marketing?

5. Are we creating a great customer experience?

In this paper, we’ll examine these five questions through the lens of Marketing Performance Optimization (MPO) – a data-driven solution approach that gives marketers the information they need to answer these questions at every level of the organization.

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