Are Your Third-Party Tools Putting Your Data at Risk?

As a company operating a digital service (website, app, etc), you rely heavily on third parties to provide a great experience to your users and operate your business, largely through the use of data. But as everyone who operates in the digital economy is now aware, data can be as much a liability as an asset.

Simply complying with new data privacy legislation is no longer enough. Companies who manage customer data have a moral and ethical responsibility to use it wisely and not test the boundaries of user privacy — and demand the same of their partners.

So how can you ensure the third-party companies you partner with won’t put your (and your users’) data at risk? Better yet, how can you evaluate the trustworthiness of third-party companies before you partner with them?

Download this complimentary white paper to gain access to the Good Data Citizen Checklist and discover:

  • Three data privacy principles you should evaluate all third-party companies against.
  • The cost of not handling user data properly and vetting third parties to do the same.
  • How to build and maintain user confidence in your data security and safety.

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