The State of Customer Experience Management, 2019

To understand the current state of customer experience (CX) management, we surveyed 212 large companies with at least $500 million in annual revenues.

Respondents not only answered questions about their organizations’ CX efforts, they also completed our CX Competency & Maturity Assessment, which evaluates the six experience management (XM) Competencies: LEAD, REALIZE, ACTIVATE, ENLIGHTEN, RESPOND, and DISRUPT. When we analyzed their responses, we found that:

  • Although CX correlates to loyalty, companies still deliver mediocre experiences to their customers. It’s no surprise, therefore, that companies intend to focus more on CX in the coming year than they did last year. They also expect to focus more on the other three core experiences: employee experience, brand experience, and product experience.
  • About two-thirds of respondents have a senior CX leader and a centralized CX team in place. Of those organizations with a centralized team, one-third have 11 or more full-time CX employees.
  • When we asked companies to evaluate the customer experience they deliver across channels, they rated on the phone with an agent and in a store/branch the highest and via chatbots and across multiple channels the lowest.
  • Only six percent of companies have reached the two highest levels of CX maturity, while 79% remain in the lowest two stages. The most common obstacle organizations encounter as they try to mature their CX is other competing priorities.
  • Compared with their peers, CX leaders enjoy better financial results, have stronger CX leadership, focus more on employee engagement, and foster more empathetic cultures.

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